Number One SniffingButt Fan, Josie
Who We Are…

In the dog world, sniffing a rump is the canine equivalent of a handshake, a hello, or even warm greeting. We chose the name because we want to welcome you, shake your hand, give you a hug, sniff your butt. Woof!

Welcome to SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery!

Like our furry friends, we’d like to offer you warm greetings. If you’re looking for the best organic dog treats available, you’ve found them. All of our beer flavored dog treats are tasted and approved by our own team of canine flavor experts. Our natural dog treats are healthy, delicious, and environmentally-friendly.

It’s no secret that dogs like beer. They enjoy the taste of quality grains and brewed flavors as much as we do, but alcohol and hops can damage the health of our beloved companions. Now SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery brings delicious, gourmet dog treats made from beer grain in a safe and nutritious process. We are proud to offer our canine friends the ability to enjoy the flavors they love, without the health-damaging ingredients found in a real craft beer.

Our natural dog treats are made with the best organic ingredients in an environmentally-conscious process. Ever wondered what happens to beer grains after the brewing process is over? The brewery has no more use for them. Even small breweries have to find ways to dispose of 5 or more tons of grains each and every month as part of the beer-making process. That’s where SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery steps in to put these perfectly good, beer-flavored grains to use for our furry companions. Our four-legged friends get to enjoy some of their favorite flavors, and the grains don’t go to waste.

Using grains from the brewing process helps us keep an eye on the environment by giving these beer-flavored grains with a second life. Our goal is to bring safe, natural, organic, healthy dog treats to our friends who can’t enjoy beer without some serious health effects. All of our ingredients are human-grade, and our natural dog treats contain no hops, alcohol, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives. Our all natural dog treats support your dog’s the healthy enjoyment of beer-flavored dog treats.

Just as no two beers taste the same, our line of organic dog treats capture the varied flavors of the grains they contain. Our Pug Porter combines the malt a bittersweet flavors of a complex porter. Our India Puppy Ale has a rich, copper color and delivers malt and barley flavors. And our Wheaten Terrier Wit draws its complex, nuanced flavors from raw wheat and oats, much like a fine wheat beer. Our gourmet brewing specialists are always working on new flavors, so check back often to snag the latest brew for your best friend!